How Beats by Dre Did so Well in a Competitive Market

Music has always been a vital part of our society, and in more recent times it has become widely more accessible. Most shops play music over their speakers, and there are several different apps to stream music from whether for a party or on the go. And due to this increased accessibility, there has also been an increase in modes for listening to it – that is, headphones, speakers, and earphones. These have become a vital part of our everyday essentials, with most people checking to make sure they have them along with their purse, phone, and keys. You’ll often see children wearing headphones on the bus on the way to school, or perhaps someone will have them plugged into their kindle to make their train journey go by a little quicker.

And this surge in their use also prompted a surge in the demand for them, and an opening in the market. There are many different brands of headphones to choose from, and one that ruled the market for quite some time is Beats by Dre. But the question is, why? With so many brands to choose from, and with arguably joining hr party late, why did he take the market by storm?


Music Career

What Dre (or Dr Dre) was most well known for prior to his headphones, was his music career. His music career started in 1985 and is still going to this day, with over 42 singles and now he has his own music label where he takes on other aspiring artists (such as Eminem and 50 Cent). With such a vast career and a catalog of other artists under his names, Dr Dre has accumulated quite a following over the years. And due to this, his move into a new market was as someone who already had a lot of recognition and influence. He was able to advertise his new product to many already adoring fans, who would have been happy to support their favorite artist.

But even people who aren’t his fans would be inclined to check out his headphones, as someone who is invested in the music industry would also be invested in producing the best sound quality from this product. Or at least, that is what you might assume, and that is certainly what reviews say about his products.



There a lot of different headphones or earphones on the market, but what is it about Beats that make them so desirable? For one, it’s their design. They have a stylish, sleek, and simplistic design that people love, and it also comes in a range of colors too. They have a simple brand logo on them, and that is it, and although it is not much, they are immediately recognizable. Most of these headphones are foldable too, with a handy carry case, so that you can safely take them with you on the go and know that they won’t be damaged in your bag.

Another feature that they have is that they are noise-canceling. This is something a lot of people enjoy about them, and with the age range of some of his fans being student-aged, then this is a god-send for them trying to do work in student halls.



Beats are most well-known for their headphones, but they do also do earphones and speakers, which means if this is a brand and quality you like, they likely have something that is tailored to you. Not only do you have a choice between headphones, earphones, and speakers, but you also have different types of these to choose from as well, meaning there is a large and diverse range of good quality products. Wired, wireless, over-ear, there are many different styles to choose from. Although some of his products are a little on the pricey side, his speakers are less than $150, making them one of the 5 best bookshelf speakers for less than $300 on the market.

It’s safe to say that Dr Dre had a lot of power behind him before his move into this new market, which helped catapult his brand forward, and make his headphones one of the most popular and well-known ones.

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